So clearly this is not a video….having some technical issues this week. Anywho…on to the check-in for this past week!  My water intake was much better this week!  I really had to track it and limit my juice, which was a bit difficult because it was Employee Appreciation Week at my job.  And with employee appreciation, comes lots of junk food….and will power. It was as struggle to eat well, but I managed to get in 3 fruits and veggies a day!!  YAY ME!!!

I would like to say that I killed working out this week!!  I met my goal of 3x a week and on the 3rd time (Saturday), I worked out for 2 hrs!!  Please believe that I am sore from it!!!  Working out is still a struggle for me but, I will conquer it!  And now for my favorite part of this challenge…my hair!!!

All of the things that I do that are healthy all aid in my hair growth. In the past 2 weeks I have noticed that my hair has retained more moisture, even through the heat, when it is protected.  It is very soft when I take it out of  my protective style and I love that.  It doesn’t feel hard and crunchy like it usually does after a twist out.  So here are a few pictures of my style this week!

<— I look so goofy!! But this is one way I wore the front of this style.

This is the other way I wore the front.    —>

I love this style and I’ve gotten many compliments on it!!  And I did it all by myself *pats self on the back*!!!
If you guys have any questions about the style or what I actually do to work out, please feel free to ask!!

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