Top 5 Baby Items to Keep for Your Toddler

Don’t throw them away!! You’ll thank me later. I promise.  This list will be a life saver after your kid is walking, talking, and feeding him or herself!  Here are the top 5 things that I’m glad I kept now that my kid is a toddler!

1. Burp cloths – This is a no drool zone.

Spit, slob, drool. I hate it!  And for as long as I’ve had Flash I should be used to it, but I’m not.  Burp cloths save my dresses and my husband’s pants in church when my kid falls asleep…shoot, when ANY kid falls asleep near me! (8yr olds drool too and it’s a lot more! Eeww…)  It also makes great protection for couches if my kid falls asleep anywhere other than at home.  Drool stains are real and look gross when dried. Save yourself the trouble. Keep at least one in the diaper bad at all times. It will come in handy when you least expect it.

2. Cloth Bibs – Traps all the mouth water.

Toddlers are messy eater. This we know. I have found that I prefer cloth bibs over the plastic catch-all ones because of absorbency, which brings me to the real point of this one….THUMBSUCKERS!!!  Flash sucks his like a parched nomad who just found water!  When he sucks his thumb, a Nile River of spit runs down his arm and onto his chest, which means his shirt is gonna be soaked!!! He does it during the day, especially if he’s sitting.  He wore a bib during all car rides, until he was 2, to give his clothing a fighting chance to be clean and dry by the time we get to our destination There were always at least 3 in his bag…. I played no games lol!

3. Changing Pad – They still have dirty butts.

If you’re kid isn’t potty trained, then you STILL need this. If you’re kid is potty trained, you still might need this! We still have our big changing station upstairs, and I have THREE travel changing pad! Two are at our downstairs changing station since that’s where we spend most of our time and one in his diaper backpack.

You never know when you’ll have to lay your kid down and change the explosion that just wiped out your carseat! Every now and then my husband and I make the mistake of changing Flash with no pad on the couch, only to realize there’s a crap ton of poop in his diaper and there is no closing it! Now, one  of us is shouting for the other to grab a pad ASAP LOL! It happens at least once a week…Clearly we haven’t learned!

4. Walkers – Just….WHY???

IDK WHY????!!!! Flash pulled up on all 4s at 4 months. At 6 months, he pulled up to stand and was walking along the couch.  At 7 months he took a couple of steps and he got a walker for Christmas. At 9.5 months, Flash was fully walking. He’s been pushing his walker every since.  At 2 (almost 3) years old, the kid is running with this thing! I can’t get rid of it.  He chases us down with this walker, like he has road rage.  He sits and plays with all the buttons and sings the songs.  We bought him a tricycle….and he still plays with the walker.  He just alternates between them. The walker keeps him busy and active indoors, especially on rainy days.  Every kid has that one thing they can’t let go of. The walkers is his. Now that he’s almost 3 he plays with it only slightly less.

5. Muslin Wraps – Cuz it’s 80 degrees at 9PM in ATL.

Remember when you used to swaddle your newborn? You either used a cotton or flannel blanket.  If you were lucky enough like me, one of your swaddling blankets was a muslin!  They are large, thin and breathable.  My kid sweats easily and always has.  While I stored the flannel blankets, I kept the muslin ones out.Turns out they make great summer blankets, especially for hot nights. 

And even though my kid is tall, they are still long enough and big enough to cover him at night.   We travel with them on vacations as well because they don’t take up much suitcase space and they make great play mats if your kid prefers to sit on the floor. I don’t trust hotel floors…. Nah….

Honorable Mentions:

Diaper Pail – The problem with the diaper pail is that now, with an almost potty trained kid, there is no container strong enough to keep in the poop smell. Nope…Nothing but the toilet!

Baby Hooded Towels and Wash Cloths – If you’re lucky enough, you can find baby wash towels made from the same terry cloth as adult towels. They last a while!  We also  have all of our hooded bath towels from birth. They are wonderful, but at his age, he can use a regular towel as well.

Hopefully you’ve found this list helpful.  As moms and dads, we already hold on to a lot of baby stuff. These items will be worth the space they take up.  You won’t regret it!  What baby items did you hold on to?

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