Happy New Year Love!!! Yea, I know I’m late, but I promise it will be worth it!

The beginning of the year is generally the time where most people make resolution, promises, vows to change, and set new intentions for the year.  It is a time to start fresh, and clean house….mentally and physically.  Most of the time, I see physical-based resolutions being made and it seems that taking care of your mental health is left my the wayside. My personal goal for the year was to take better care of myself.  I started this with a journal and a planner.

So, I loved to journal growing up! No…SERIOUSLY!!  I have journals for days, filled and empty.

This not all of them…*shrugs*

Writing was my happy place.   I wrote everything down, the good and the bad.  Writing kept my thoughts and heart at peace when everything around me felt like chaos.  I owe some of my sanity to my journals.  Planning was no different.  An agenda for school was my saving grace!!  It was clutch as I grew up.  And I know we have phones with calendars, but there was something about putting pen to paper that brightened my life a little.

Now as an adult, with a kid, AND bills, AND appointments, AND parties, and blah, blah, blah, I need something to keep me from losing it!  Enter these 2 lovely pieces…. The “This Is MY Year” Journal by Myleik Teele and the Passion Planner by Angelia Trinidad.

I’ve had the Passion Planner before so I already know what to expect (I’ll do another post about it).  But the Myleik’s journal caught my eye!  Myleik Teele is the Founder and Creator of Curlbox, a beauty/hair product subscriptions service that allows people to try products at an affordable price. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with her as one of her cover models!  She is a wonderful woman, who is a walking well of knowledge.  Using her journals and podcasts, she shares all that she can with people. With you. With me. The “This Is MY Year” Journal gives you practical information about reaching your goals, making a plan for them, and moving past average.

I want everyone to have a chance at a fresh new year and to be able to reach your goals.  With that being said, one of my lucky subscribers will win this brand new Journal!!  For your chance to win, subscribe to the blog and leave a comment below telling me one thing you are doing to reach your goals this year!

Be Blessed and Happy New Year!!

This giveaway closes on Tuesday Feb 28th at 11 am EST.  Winner will be randomly chosen. Prizes ship only to continental U.S.

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  1. I love journals and planning also. To get a head start on the New Year rush, I actually started my health journey back in November, with a goal of reaching my optimal weight range in 2017. As I’ve started to lose weight I’ve felt a huge confidence boost and have also enrolled in school to advance my goal to becoming fluent in Spanish! 🙂

  2. Hey Beautuful,
    This year I haven’t made a to do list of trying to get a bunch of goals done. In previous years IT NEVER worked for me so now each day I just stick to things I can manage. I’m getting married in June but I’m also working three jobs and by the time I get home (hour commute to and from) I’m beyond beat! So my goal each day is literally:” PATTY, JUST TAKE MOMENT by MOMENT and then check that stuff off you did and pat yourself on the back” at the end of the day my body thanks me even if it wasn’t what I wanted.


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