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Be it Summer or Winter, our hair seems to crave moisture! AND….the tighter the curl, the more moisture you need. For me, it seems that my hair can never get enough, so today I’m sharing my top fave ways to get and retain moisture. These are in no particular order because all of them are important!!! 1. Use moisturizing products.  I love products that are water based and moisture rich!  And for me, it begins with my shampoo.  I use a clarifying shampoo to clean my scalp and remove product from my strands as well as moisturizing shampoo.  Clean hair ensures that I am giving my hair the best possible chance to receive moisture.  Using hair lotions/moisturizers and butters or oil to seal in moisture, give me the the upper hand in the battle of dry hair! 2. Deep condition (more often)!  I love my deep conditioners!  They are such…

My first official post of the new year!!!!  I’m so excited!!  Well, let’s jump right in! For about a month and a half, I’ve been taking the Manechoice Manetabolism Plus Vitamins.  Not only are they hair vitamins, but they are a full blown multivitamin!!  You get the best of both worlds with these pills.   I wanted to try the vitamins and track my hair growth to see how well they worked in comparison to other vitamins that I have tried in the past.    So far, I am please and you will see why shortly. What sold me on purchasing this company’s vitamins versus others was that the is a Black Female-owned company!!  Take a look at my hair history, beginning length, and my 1 month update in the video below!  Under the video are side-by-side pics to show you the growth.  Tell me what you think!

Hey Y’all!!! I know it’s been a while, but I am back!! And I have a review to give you! So over the past couple of months I’ve been using Zelo Professional Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner for cleansing my hair. I love the products! They moisturized my hair very well! Zelo is sold in Target as well as on line! Check out my video review below. To learn more about Zelo, click any of the links below! *Disclaimer: These products were give to me for free to review. There was no compesation and all opinions are my own!*

Hello peeps!! Here is a GREAT product to try if you want soft manageable natural hair! I was contacted about a month ago to try Kava Essence and their products are amazing!!!! Take a peek at the review below and then prepare yourselves….for a GIVEAWAY!!! That’s Right!! There is a giveaway! Kava Essence is giving away 2 Travel-sized (8oz each) Shampoo and Conditioner Sets!! Trust me when I say that this is more than enough product! You don’t need to use very much at a time! To enter the giveaway, simple follow the instructions in the rafflecopter below!! I promise you will not be disappointed with this product! Best of Luck!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hello Peeps!! I just wanted you guys to check out this video about natural hair!  It was on MHP (Melissa Harris-Perry) on MSNBC I think…  I watched it and loved the topics that they cover about natural hair in mainstream life and business!  Let me know what you guys think!  Here is the link!

Puerto Rico y Pelo, Puerto Rico and Hair….Its almost unreal how both of them actually went together on my vacation!!! *winning* Soooo, about 3 weeks ago I went to the beautiful PR for a week with my husband and boy let me tell ya, that vacation was the best ever and one of my first “out of the country” trips!!! The food, the drinks, the people, the food (that food was good!), the land and scenery…it was wonderful. Here are a few pics of what I saw and where I stayed! BTW some parts of the descriptions are in Spanish!! I gotta start practicing more somewhere!!! Las cuatros photos aqui son del Castillo San Felipe del Morro y El Castillo San Cristóbal en Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico. ¡Muy bello! Le Consulat HotelCondado, Puerto RicoQuince minutos afuera de Viejo San Juan Viejo San Juan (arriba) y La Casa Barcardí (abajo) You can…

After almost 1 1/2 years, I actually went to a salon and got my hair done! I hate going to salons because I hate waiting for ever to get my hair done… Anywho, thanks to Natural Chica’s last video of her Too Groovy Salon experience, I decided to check them out. Now for me to have gone to do this, I had to be at the salon at 9AM in rush our traffic WITH the added benefit of rain (what a joy…). I was up at 7 AM to leave at 8AM to get there. Tired as crap, I went and here is the result of my experience… Here are the pictures of my trim before the curls…. After Curls… …