So this is my first product review!!!  I’m trying this new product called Scalpure.  A good friend of mine who is a Loctician referred me and my husband, who has locs, to use this product to rid the hair of the extra impurities that shampoo couldn’t get out. So I decided to try it earlier this week.  It can also be used as a face mask, but that review will come at another time. : )

Now when I opened the bottle, right away I noticed that it did not look like a normal conditioner/scalp scrub I’ve ever seen.  To be quite frank it looked like mud/clay (which is what they call it)! But I guess this is what it looks like when all natural ingredients are mixed together.  Some of the most popular ingredients included are the oils: peppermint, tea tree, cedarwood, manuka, & jojoba.

This product is to be used before shampooing.  So I had to wet my hair and scalp,  apply the product, and leave it on for 25 – 30 min.  About 5 minutes after the application, I felt the product tingling on my scalp (which is always nice)!  Being similar to a clay, it actually hardens up a little once it starts to dry, which is also different for me.  The only things I’m used to that harden on my hair are gels and pomades!

After 30 min, I rinse out the clay because it kinds “melts” away with the water.  My hair felt pretty good after rinsing which was nice.  Then I shampooed and conditioned as normal and slept with my big twist in!  When I woke up and styled my hair,  it felt nice.  I did notice that it was a little softer which is great because this African stuff on my head can be…THE MOST!!!!  Though this was only my first use, Scalpure says that if you use the product weekly or bi-weekly you will notice stronger, healthier, better looking hair over time.  I will up date you as I continue to use the product!  Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Thanks Pactrip!! No we haven't used it on his locs yet. We will be doing that the next time around and I promise to post info about that.

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