Be it Summer or Winter, our hair seems to crave moisture! AND….the tighter the curl, the more moisture you need. For me, it seems that my hair can never get enough, so today I’m sharing my top fave ways to get and retain moisture. These are in no particular order because all of them are important!!!


1. Use moisturizing products.  I love products that are water based and moisture rich!  And for me, it begins with my shampoo.  I use a clarifying shampoo to clean my scalp and remove product from my strands as well as moisturizing shampoo.  Clean hair ensures that I am giving my hair the best possible chance to receive moisture.  Using hair lotions/moisturizers and butters or oil to seal in moisture, give me the the upper hand in the battle of dry hair!

2. Deep condition (more often)!  I love my deep conditioners!  They are such staple in my hair regimen!  I DC once a week which is perfect for my 4c coils.  I typically DC in one of three ways: A) I use shower cap and then wrapping my hair up in a scarf (30 min or more).  If I have a lot to do during the day, run errands away from home, or when I need to workout, this works best!  This way uses my body’s natural heat to allow moisture to enter the hair shaft.  B) I use my Hair Therapy Wrap (no more than 20 min) and this way I can still have lunch or catch a tv show. I use this the most often.  C) I use my Huetiful Hair Steamer (no more than 20 min).This is my #1 favorite way to deep condition. The only reason I don’t use this all the time is because I have to set it up.  Setting up anything with a baby is almost impossible…lol!

3. Use a little steam!  Steaming tends to give me the maximum amount of moisture at one time and it leaves my hair super soft!  I LOVE my Hueitful table top steamer, but I also have 1 other tool that make steaming very easy!!  I have a Q-Redew. The Q-Redew is a handheld steamer that I use during the week the refresh my dry curls.  It aids in detangling as well as moisturizing! I use this in conjunction with a hair lotion and a butter for the best results!  Now, if you don’t own either of these tools, there is a FREE  way to do this! Go to #4!!!

4. Good old fashioned water!  Would you believe me if I told you that you could steam your hair using ONLY water, no tools?  Well here is what you do….Take off your shower cap!  The natural steam coming from the hot shower that I  take,  will give my hair lots of water without needing to fully wet my hair.  I can leave my hair in my sleep style (mine is chunky twists) or if I didn’t twist my hair, a high puff will do just fine!  The other way is to spray the hair with a little water before twisting or braiding for the night.  No need to fully saturate the hair,  just dampen it a bit!  With my hair damp, I can also detangle it.  I follow up with my usual products and I am ready to go!

5. Protective styles.  I have found that after my hair is washed, stretched, and moisturized, placing it in a protective style help a great deal to retain the moisture I just put in!  After a week of twists, my hair is still soft and not dry.  The only thing I might do is spray my scalp with a refresher and put a little oil on my ends.  That’s it!

I hope this helps to get your hair more moisture!!!  Don’t forget to actually DRINK your water!!  Healthy hair starts from the inside out!!

PicsArt_02-29-01.08.46    Twist and a crown braid                   Pompadour and French Roll           2 Crown Braid and a side bun

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