One of the biggest challenges many of us will face is getting our hair to grow longer!  I personally suffer from OMG! It’s Not Growing Syndrome.  Many of you probably do to!  The symptoms include:

Staring obsessively in the mirror
Dreaming about longer hair
Constantly stretching your hair with you finger to see if has grown since last night
Avoidance of hair washing for weeks due to possible tangling
Trying any product that claims to see stronger, longer hair in a few days
Product Junkiness

You get the point!  We all have gone through this stage.  The one thing I took from going through all this, and after consulting with beauticians and friends, is that you must protect the ends.  Yes, hair goes through phases of growth, loss, and dormancy, but these are not the main determinants of hair length.  Besides genetics, water and proper nutrients, the best way to grow hair longer is to protect the ends.  They don’t get as much moisture because they are not the closest to the scalp and therefore, are most susceptible to breakage, splitting and drying.

My challenge for you this week:  Keep the ends in!  If you haven’t had a trim, get one!  This reduced splitting.  Hair doesn’t split at the root…  If your ends are out, moisturize them and coat them with a sealant like shea butter.  Do all that you can to keep your ends safe!  Need some ideas!  Check out my hair album!  I have lots of protective style. Best of Luck!

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