One of my favorite shows is Parks and Recreations on NBC!!  This show is super hilarious!  One of my favorite episodes is from season 4 called “Pawnee Rangers.”  In this episode Tom and Donna invite been on their annual shopping spree “Treat Yo’ Self 2011.”  In this episode, the go to the mall to purchase pretty much anything they want.  They go to the spa, get massages, mani/pedi’s….the WORKS!  They only do it one a year thought, not everdyay or every week because that could get costly!

I say all of this to give you your next challenge: Treat Yourself!!  I am challenging you not to deprive yourself of everything you like forever.  Reward yourself for the hard work you are doing!  Maybe this week you wear your hair out in a HUGE fro or just let it hang loose.  Have your favorite dessert once this week.  Usually when you cut out all of the thing you like, you end up binging.  So in order to curb binging, give yourself something to look forward to amidst all of the working out, healthy eating, water drinking, and hair protecting.  Let loose this once!  Best of luck Peeps!!!

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