So last Thursday, August 9, I had the opportunity to attend this wonderful event!!! ————————->>

The CurlBox/Carol’s Daughter Natural Meet-Up at Lenox Mall.  Let me start by saying, “AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”  That was exactly how I felt when I arrived at the event as I saw all the natural beauties wrapped around the Carol’s Daughter store.  This store, by admission from one of the hosts, is the size of a master bedroom and bathroom! : )  Small, but it some how managed to fit, in rotation, at least 150 ladies!  The purpose of this party was to celebrate the launch of the new and improved Hair Milk Collection from Carol’s Daughter and to acknowledge its presence in the August CurlBox in form of the Hair Milk Pudding. I cannot wait to try it and review it!  I have tried the original hair milk and I love it!!  I’m very curious as to how they can make this great product even better.

As with any event at this store, there were delicious drinks, raffle giveaways, free product samples and product demonstrations. But the best part about this event, at least for me, was the CurlBox collaboration and the opportunity to meet the AMAZING founder of CurlBox – Myleik Teele!!

Doesn’t she look GORGEOUS!!!!  That Dress…
She was an absolute pleasure to meet!  She actually recognized me from Instagram….and I almost died!!  I also got to take a picture with her *insert dougie here*! She was kind and was genuinely excited to meet all of the women who sing her praises!!  Her CurlBox idea was genius, and hopefully she felt how much we truly appreciated her!  BTW, the CurlBlog just dropped and there are no words for how wonderful it looks!  Please check it out!
Also at this event was this really cool company called Techturized.  Their website allows you to share photo on a timeline to tell a story.  I am working on mine now!  Its a more interactive way to view your hair journey, and share your hair journey with other women.  And the founders of Techturized are Georgia Tech graduates!!!  Brains and Beauty…You gotta love it!!!
Overall, this event was well worth it!  I don’t get to attend natural hair meet-ups very often, but I was glad to have to chance and time to go to this one!  It’s always nice to meet and connect with other naturals from all over the city of Atlanta!  For all the pics from the event click here!
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