Be it Summer or Winter, our hair seems to crave moisture! AND….the tighter the curl, the more moisture you need. For me, it seems that my hair can never get enough, so today I’m sharing my top fave ways to get and retain moisture. These are in no particular order because all of them are important!!! 1. Use moisturizing products.  I love products that are water based and moisture rich!  And for me, it begins with my shampoo.  I use a clarifying shampoo to clean my scalp and remove product from my strands as well as moisturizing shampoo.  Clean hair ensures that I am giving my hair the best possible chance to receive moisture.  Using hair lotions/moisturizers and butters or oil to seal in moisture, give me the the upper hand in the battle of dry hair! 2. Deep condition (more often)!  I love my deep conditioners!  They are such…