In learning how to care for you hair and your body, sometimes you will get discouraged!  I get discouraged all the time, but I try not to stay that way.  Negative thoughts creep up on us when we are trying to make changes for the better.  Though some of thoughts only come from other people, the majority of the feelings come from us. We are our own worst enemy, but we don’t have to be.

My challenge for you this week is: Stay Focused.  Stay focused on the positive things about these changes!  Sure taking care of your hair is tough, but it’s worth it. AND there is a TON of information on youtube and blogs to help you out!  Being healthy is hard, but there are website that teach you how to make your favorites with LESS calories!  Life is never easy, and if it were we would never appreciate anything that we have.  You cherish something a lot more when you have worked hard for it!  Best of luck homies!!!

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