So in my world wind of activities, I totally forgot to do a post about the P3 Lab event hosted by Mimi J., which was spectacular might I say! It was a tea party! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a tea party before – except for the ones with my stuffed animals….and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count….  Anywho, on August 19, I dragged my bestie Tiffany to the P3 Beauty Tea at Studio Wed, to support another friend, Maeling aka Natural Chica!  She, Mimi J (Make-up Artist, P3 Lab), Alexandra Butler (Make-up Artist), and Mattie James of Mattieology (Fashion Blogger) co-host this lovely meet and greet/networking party for other local bloggers of similar trade!  We actually got to meet and talk with these lovely ladies.  There were finger foods, delicious mini cupcakes and candies, and the best part of all GREAT TEA, sponsored by Soren Tea!!  Most of you guys don’t know this, but I LOVE ME SOME TEA!!  My favorite is peach tea, thankfully they had some there.  Thank you Soren Tea…you make my LIFE that day!

 Tiffany and the one of the owners of Soren Tea


Now, on to the Ladies!


222006_406314099422008_313570745_nMimi J

I was introduced to Mimi J by Maeling, and I have to say that she was the sweetest person ever! And her tea set was THE business!  It was absolutely beautiful!  It made me believe that every woman should own a tea set.  I will have one before I turn 30!  And she has the most adorable baby in life!




560462_406314589421959_1332582188_nMaeling Tapp

Love this girl to death!  She’s a great friend and one of the most humble and kind people that I know!  Watching her work a room is always amazing!  Funny story – Mae like to keep her make-up pretty simple.  At this event, a Lamik Beauty rep. decided to test out some eyeshadow on her. It looked great, but due to the brightness/boldness of the color, Maeling quietly began to freak to me repeating the following phase, “Do I look crazy? Do I look ok?”  Tiffany and I were dying because she just was not used to such bold colors on her face!!!  Either way she looked stunning, before and after the make up!





<—– Application by Lamik Beauty

See….not crazy looking!! ——->




396379_406314389421979_100967601_nAlexandra Butler

This girl is just plain AWESOME!  She is amazingly down to earth and she just oozes swag.  We were able to talk to her and get make-up tips.  This enabled me to finally be able to shape my own eyebrows with pencils, shading, and concealer!  Tiffany was so excited to meet her because she loves Alex!


Mattie James

This woman’s got style like nobody’s business!  I love the way she puts colors and patterns together.  When she walked into the room, everyone stared at her for a minute because of how cool she looked!  I didn’t get a picture of it, but she was carrying a very chic bag and I loved it! She was such a pleasure to meet!



This event was such a great experience.  It wasn’t one where you sit and listen.  We got talk with these beautiful blogger socialites and network with them and other local bloggers!  We got to meet them and get to know them for a couple of hours. They were personable and kind and humble.  It was the best tea party ever.  Check out the rest of the pics HERE!



Also, this event was photographed for, and I made it on!  It’s called Hotlanta Naturalistas. I’m lucky number 13!   Here is the Instagram of my hair style! Enjoy Folks!




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