Most of you probably don’t kno, but I have struggled with weight for a very long time.  Every year I try to tackle it, and every year I don’t quite fail, but I don’t really succeed either.  We this year is gonna be different.  I recently purchase a Groupon for medical weight loss through Medical Weigh Loss Solutions.  This was and is my last time trying to do this.  And I only say that because every time I build up my hopes, they seem to get diminished  and I lose more and more self-confidence.  I’m tired of feeling like I don’t look pretty or I don’t have the perfect body shape.  This is the most debilitating feeling and frame of mind ever!  So I decided to give it one last shot with this Groupon and boy was I in for a shock! 

I just completed my first week with them on 1/30/13 and I lost 4lbs!  THAT my friend is a good sign to me!  I’ve never had that happen before!  I am slowly becoming more excited about working with them, but for now, I keep all excitement to a minimum so as to not feel soooo awful if nothing more comes from this.  I am hopeful though.  I have not given up yet.  I just thought I’d share this personal and sensitive tidbit with you all!  There will be more to come.  Keep me in prayer.  Between Me, Jesus, and MWLS, something WILL happen.  You just watch!
Peace P.

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