Marriage is such a beautiful thing.  My husband and I celebrated 3 years on September 13!  And of course, every anniversary is a great excuse to get away!  I love planning getaways for great prices for my little family.  This year’s trip took us to Lookout Mountain, TN/GA (because its on the border and you have to leave Georgia, go into Tennessee, then back into GA again…) near Chattanooga, TN.

For 3 nights, we had the pleasure of staying at the Garden Walk Bed & Breakfast Inn which is on top of Lookout Mountain.  It was such a beautiful sight!  Driving or down up the mountain was pretty much breathtaking, 1) for the beauty 2) because its was a wee bit scary being so high up and I was pretty sure my husband was intentionally trying to give me a heart attack with his driving! Take a look!


The room we stayed in was called Rays of Sunshine. Its was clean, comfortable and a breath of fresh air, literally!  The air on the mountain was so different from good ‘ole Atlanta smog.  I loved the decorations.

This room was a music inspired one.  On the walls were some instruments and on the desk was Beethoven (in the corner)…which was a little creepy, but mostly at night!  It was a very interesting room and we enjoyed every night there.

My favorite part about this trip was Rock City! On the day of our anniversary we went to Rock City and I promise is was the most romantic thing every!  Waterfalls, beautiful flowers, trees and and over 200 different species of plants, surrounded us as we walk the path through Rock City.  We even walk on a rope/wood bridge (which IS tom foolery at it’s finest)  The view from some of the cliffs at Rock City were just amazing and from one point, you can see 7 states: Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky!  It looked a never ending city skyline.  Ever so often, while walking we would come across these different quotes on wood planks about nature.  I have a picture of every single one of them!  Finding them was like a game for me!

One of the best features of Rock City is this path called “Fat Man Squeeze.”  My husband has been talking about this path in Rock City every since we decided on going to TN, so once we finally got to it, I could not believe what I saw…
It was one of the tiniest space I have every had to walk through.  I completely understand how the path received its name! I was literally thinking skinny thoughts (the Lord saw fit to bless me with hips). Once I got the the point where I could not longer walk forward, I had to turn sideways, with my hands and tush pressed against the walls of the rocks…my nose was almost touching the rocks!  It was on of the most exciting things ever!

<—  I walked through that tiny crevice.  The tiny sign says “Fat Man Squeeze.”

I turned around to take a picture once we were almost out —–>

It was entirely to much fun and very romantic!  My husband and I had a blast.  When it was time to leave, we were trying to figure out how to stay.  It was a worry, work, and phone-free 4 days  with my husband!  I love my husband.  Anytime I get to spend with him is precious to me.

~ Happy Anniversary Love ~

You can click HERE to see the rest of the photos from our trip!


  1. Beautiful spot! Sometimes you just have to get away. And about that "Fat Man's Squeeze"!!?? No ma'am!! I'm hyperventilating just thinking about walking through that tight space! lol

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