Hello there friends!  I know its been a minute since I’ve posted but I have something great for you today!  This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend an event called Bridesmaids and Bubbly.  This was a cool bridal event where the brides and maids could meet with vendors, collect ideas, have great food and custom drinks (hence the bubbly), and get a little pampering!

My best friend Tiffany is getting married in October, so the bridal attendant Astrid thought it would be a great idea for the two of us to go!  Needless to say, we has such a great time!  Sponsored by EllyB Events, we drove down to The B Loft at Miami Circle in Atlanta.  We check in with our tickets and obtained our pink goodie-filled VIP swag bags!!!  So much great stuff inside, but we’ll get to that in a sec!

While inside we had the opportunity to have custom made mimosas, bellinis, or sparkling lemonade!  There was also a mini plate area to have some delicious finger foods like pasta salad, quiche, salad, and the BEST chicken salad sandwiches in LIFE!!  Please believe me….I am a foodie at heart!  Which then leads us to the dessert bar….sponsored by two different cake companies!  It was almost endless!  We also had the chance to get pampered in the beauty bar with manicure and make-up!

Outside of stuffing our faces and sipping bubbly, we actually got to mingle and chat with the vendors!  Here are the vendors that we love the most! These guys fed us, photographed us, and created some great wedding gifts for us! The icing on the cake for these lovely lady-run companies – They all have natural hair!  How cool is that!!!???

1.  Paper Parfait – This company greats custom gifts for you wedding participants commonly starting at about $25 per box.  The box comes filled with what you would like for your guest/wedding party to have.  Drinks, candy, chocolate, bridal emergency kits,  paper soaps (very cool), and more!  You give them a price you want to pay per box, they’ll make it happen!

Sirmantha helped us out so much!  I can’t wait to work with her!!

                                   Two Sample Boxes for Gifts                                                                          Lemon Paper Soap

2.  Sophia Barrett Studios – Several of my friends as I have had the chance to experience the work of this dynamic husband and wife duo!  They are just as funny as they are talented!  This studio will make the best of any occasion when it comes to your photographs.  With crazy backgrounds and props, they give you the best photo booth experience ever!!! Sophia will even jump in the pictures with you!!  Just take a look at our strips!  I have 2 other strips from previous friends’ weddings!  She also makes her own lip scrub…YEEEESSSSS!!!!  Love these guys to bits!

          Sophia and her husband Derrick!                                                               Astrid, Me, Sophia acting crazy!
        (Yes he really is licking her face….)

3.  Not a Crumb – MERCY….this is all that Astrid and I could say as we went back for more of her delicious treats.  Thankfully everything was mini-sized!!  She made most delicious floral-wrapped cupcakes (red velvet, chocolate, carrot cake, peanut butter cake pops just to name a few).  She also does  wedding cakes which I am sure taste amazing!  She makes the most amazing from scratch salted-caramel.  We literally ran around to find her and tell her how wonderful it was!

   Christing Johns-Harris looking Fabulous!
And her cupcakes and wedding cakes look delicious! (She did not make all the minis shown.  There was another baker)

For my bride, Astrid and I will definitely be working with these companies for the wedding, the showers, and bachelorette party.  I must also say that The B Loft is a great event space that can be turned into anything!  Elly B did a fantastic job with this event.

Hope you enjoyed it!!!!

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