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For the past 5 days (Wed through Sunday) I have been on vacation in sunny MIAMI!!!  My husband and I went for our cousin’s wedding, which was absolutely amazing!!!  I’ve only been to Miami twice, and this time around went well. We stayed at our grandma’s house (on my husband’s side)…which was interesting to say the least.

Our grandma is a Jamaican Worry Wart, but she’s loving and funny and jokes about everything!

Anywho, to kick off the wedding weekend celebrations, Wednesday night,  Andrew had a guys night for the cousins *clearly I did not attend* which seemed to have gone well according to my husband. Thursday, we went to Aventura Mall…THE MOST AMAZING MALL I’VE EVER SEEN!!!!  (brief pause – you will soon come to realize that I am a shopaholic)  Besides having like 3 floors, and being the 5th largest mall in the US, the craziest part of this mall, at least to me, was the fact that their Macy’s is split into two different stores in different areas of the mall.  The 1st Macy’s is Men’s (including boys and Home/Furniture, the 2nd Macy’s is JUST Women’s (including girls)!  This made no sense to me, but it made shopping a lot easier.  Granted I spent about 2 hrs in Men’s with my dad and hubby because one was looking for a tie and the other a suit respectively.  Needless to say hubby found a suit and wore the hell out of it!!  
So I almost forgot, my husband’s name is Rashaad!! (now I can stop say hubby all the time. Wooo!!)
Friday was the Wedding!!!  It was held at St. Raymonds Catholic Church in Miami. It was a such a beautiful ceremony, and the bride and groom looked PHENOMENAL! The ceremony wasn’t long and the reception was…*kiss* Belissimo!!  There were hor d’oeuvres, mango and regular sangrias, wine, champagne, dancing, laughing, cake (which I will talk about later).  Here are a few shots from the wedding.
 Me and Rashaad

 Me and my cousin Missy

 The Bride –>

<– and Groom 

The Chart House was the location of the reception

So let me tell you about this cake real fast!!!  
Vanilla cake with Dulce de Leche filling…DONE!

 You can check out the rest of the photo in my FB Album!!!
Hope you enjoyed my 1st post!!


  1. Aventura Mall is amazing…. I've only been like 4x and I used to live in Miami, shame… Glad u guys had a good time… I always say Miami is a great place to visit for vacation,but as far as living there… no thank you… lol….
    Enjoyed ur 1st post… Excited to read more…

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