Hello everybody!! I trust that you all had a very happy Thanksgiving! I enjoyed spending the quality time with both side of my family under one roof! We played games, watched the game, ate, laughed, slept…it was wonderful. Anywho…this past weekend I had the pleasure of doing my first tutorial for my Thanksgiving hairstyle, the Twisted Bantu Knot-Out. I received so many good comments and so much feedback from this hairstyle. Everyone was asking how I did it and what I used. At the time, I didn’t think to make a video for it. Then, on Black Friday, I had the opportunity to attend the curlBOX Black Friday Sale. That sale was MONSTROUS!!! And I mean that. I received over 13 FULL-SIZED PRODUCTS plus samples all for the price of the monthly curlBOX – $20! It was at the event, where I receive even more comments from ladies at the event about…