Man, has it be a while since I’ve done a post, but my goal is not to be so distant this year! YAY ME!!! *insert round of applause here* Lol!! But, today I come bearing a gift. A large permanent gift…a BABY!! Some of you may or may not know, but THIS natural haired beauty and her lovely, quite handsome husband are pregnant!!! WE DID THIS! This is such an exciting time for us and we want everyone to be apart it! So we have decided to do a baby raffle, with a pretty nice prize for the winner!!! (I mean who doesn’t wanna win a gift card!) To enter the Baby Raffle, use the Rafflecopter Widget below! The raffle has a small entry fee ($5) which must be submitted before you can actually vote. Voting will run from Wed. Jan 21 until Sat. April 11,…