Hey everybody!!! Here is my Week 1 Check-In for the Gurlish Curls’ Curl Boot Camp!!! My successes this week feel in the categories of protective styling and eating more fruits and veggies!! My struggles feel under water intake and exercise. These 2 components are key for healthy hair and a healthy body. Please feel free to comment and tell me about your successes and struggles for the week!

After almost 1 1/2 years, I actually went to a salon and got my hair done! I hate going to salons because I hate waiting for ever to get my hair done… Anywho, thanks to Natural Chica’s last video of her Too Groovy Salon experience, I decided to check them out. Now for me to have gone to do this, I had to be at the salon at 9AM in rush our traffic WITH the added benefit of rain (what a joy…). I was up at 7 AM to leave at 8AM to get there. Tired as crap, I went and here is the result of my experience… Here are the pictures of my trim before the curls…. After Curls… …