Puerto Rico y Pelo, Puerto Rico and Hair….Its almost unreal how both of them actually went together on my vacation!!! *winning*  Soooo, about  3 weeks ago I went to the beautiful PR for a week with my husband and boy let me tell ya, that vacation was the best ever and one of my first “out of the country” trips!!!  The food, the drinks, the people, the food (that food was good!), the land and scenery…it was wonderful.  Here are a few pics of what I saw and where I stayed! BTW some parts of the descriptions are in Spanish!!  I gotta start practicing more somewhere!!!

Las cuatros photos aqui son del Castillo San Felipe del Morro y El Castillo San Cristóbal en Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico.  ¡Muy bello!
Le Consulat Hotel
Condado, Puerto Rico
Quince minutos afuera de Viejo San Juan
 Viejo San Juan (arriba) y La Casa Barcardí (abajo)
You can see the rest of the Puerto Rico photos HERE!
Now, how does this all mix in with hair??? Ya’ll remember when I got my hair pressed in March? Well,this particluar photo (left) was take in Puerto Rico at the beginning of day 3 before we left the hotel!!!  (Looks just like it did the day I stated pin curling it!!)

<—— My hair survived humidity in the highest, which is hiking around a castle on a beach for 3 1/2 hrs! You don’t believe me…
Here. Is. Proof! ———>>
This was taken before we started the hike, but we were already near the beach!

This one was taken during the hike ——>>
I was sweating, clearly the beach near, and the wind was blowing my hair all over the place, but the curls stayed pretty much in place! 

This bottom one was taken at the end of the hike and I must say….those are still pretty nice curls!!

I didn’t wash out the press until the end of that day and not because it was reverting, oh no!! I was just ready for my hair. I had it done for a little over a week and that is record time for me! I think my hair would have made it the entire week to be quite honest! 

I seriously believe that having the steam treatment helped. My hair didn’t need to take any moisture from anywhere, rain or shine. This makes me want to invest in a home seamer like Heutiful or an actual upright steamer for my hair. If one time does this, I can only imagine how much more success my hair will have! ¡Hasta Luego!

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