I can’t believe I have 2 children! It baffles me sometimes! It’s definitely an adjustment, but also an adventure. Even more so, a blessing. I wanted to take a moments to share some of my new maternity clothing from this time around! The plus-sized realm has been drastically changing and expanding! If you remember my previous post from 3 years ago, Pretty, Plus, Pregnant, I showcased my top places for plus-sized maternity clothing. We here is round two. I’ve added a couple new places.

My stats from the previous post haven’t changed. So here are my top stores with links! I’ve also added the clothes from my maternity shoot!

Motherhood Maternity: I was SHOOKETH to find out that: A) They carry plus maternity and B) It’s cute and super comfortable! So comfortable that, I bought 4 pair of jeans, one being overalls that I LOVE, and a pair of leggings. They got all my money after Thanksgiving. Sizing was a bit tricky. I followed their updated sized chart for pants, and ordered the 3x and it was way to big. I ended up going to an actual store to try on the jeans and leggings and left with a range of sizes. Legging – 1x, Jeggings – 3x, Overalls – 2x, Girlfriend Jeans – 1x, Skinnys – 2x. They all have tons of stretch!

Old Navy Maternity: Old Navy is always clutch for me! But this year, their maternity dresses were a hit! I bought 3 in total. 2 midi long-sleeve dresses (Black and Dark Green), a ruffle shoulder dress (Dark Teal with Polka Dots). They are all size XL body con dresses and will totally work after pregnancy. Old Navy is uber comfy, versatile, and as usual, easy on my wallet!

PinkBlush Maternity: This store popped up again, but not for the reasons that you think. Guys….They have SHOES!!!! I have no clue how I missed this previously. I was looking for clothes and got side-tracked by booties and ended up with 3 pair. Shameful, but gorgeous and comfortable! Do yourself a favor, pregnant or not, just go look at the shoes! I also bought a Delivery Robe to wear, instead of a hospital gown. It is beautiful, comfortable and super functional, even now! I felt really pretty wearing the robe during delivery and afterwards.

Other than these 3 stores, I have no need to shop anywhere else. This is mostly due to the face that my non-maternity close still fit. Just like with my previous pregnancy, I have lost weight, and therefore all my stuff (for the most part) still fits! I have several body con dresses that accommodate my growing belly. I mostly needed pants.


As for my maternity shoot, I wanted a super specific look for these pictures. My friends over at Hindsight Photography really love me, so we actually did two separate maternity sessions. I wanted a Snow White, kind of woodsy theme for one, and the other, something a little more sexy. I ended up with one of the shoots looking vintage which was super awesome! So….

Walmart – They actually took me by surprise with this one. I got my bandeau and underwear (both black and white) from here and they fit comfortable. The floral print robe (L, but I wish I’d gotten an XL for these hips) was also from here and I LOVE it! It’s really beautiful.

AmazonMy off-shoulder dress (XL), cape coat (50″ length), and lace robe (XXL) all came from them! Now, I am a little leery shopping for plus sized clothing on Amazon for a couple of reasons. 1. Their clothes are brands with which I’m not familiar. 2. The sizing is not consistent. What might say 2XL will fit like an L. With amazon, the best practice would be reading reviews and knowing your measurements.

Speaking measurements, there is some great information on Mom Loves Best! They go into more detail about why your measurements are important when maternity shopping. They list few more places to shop as well as helpful tips regarding dress cuts! Be sure to check them out and tell them that I sent you!

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