The leaves have all changed colors. The wind is just a little cooler. Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is coming!

I love the holidays. I get to spend an increased amount of time with family that I don’t always get to see. I get to buy or make adorable, fun Christmas gifts for nieces and nephews, as well as my friends and family. This year, I am sharing my holiday crafts with you!

Cup and Mug Cozy Patterns

I have collaborated with one of my best friends, Chef Neelah of  Vanille & Brulee to bring you a special collection called The Holiday Shop! We are sharing our handmade holiday goodies and treats with  you to give to those you love the most! We have Cup and Mug Cozies, as well and several pastries including  Frosted Sugar Cookies, Cheesecakes and more to come!

Candy Cane Dance Cheesecake
Winter Frosted Sugar Cookies









Be sure to purchase your Cup and Mug Cozies from my Site Store!  And order your DELICIOUS Pastries from her Etsy Shop!

Happy Holidays and Thanks for your support!!

Chef Neelah and Peace P.

Learn More About Chef Neelah Via her site Vanille & Brulee

IG : @Vanillenbrulee

Twitter: @Vanillenbrulee

Facebook: VanilleandBrulee

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