Studio Wed


So in my world wind of activities, I totally forgot to do a post about the P3 Lab event hosted by Mimi J., which was spectacular might I say! It was a tea party! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a tea party before – except for the ones with my stuffed animals….and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count….  Anywho, on August 19, I dragged my bestie Tiffany to the P3 Beauty Tea at Studio Wed, to support another friend, Maeling aka Natural Chica!  She, Mimi J (Make-up Artist, P3 Lab), Alexandra Butler (Make-up Artist), and Mattie James of Mattieology (Fashion Blogger) co-host this lovely meet and greet/networking party for other local bloggers of similar trade!  We actually got to meet and talk with these lovely ladies.  There were finger foods, delicious mini cupcakes and candies, and the best part of all GREAT TEA, sponsored by Soren Tea!!  Most…