Hey Folks!! I had the opportunity to be a guest blogger on site Neno Natural this week!  I was featured on there before as a Queen of Kinks.  I’d love for you all check out the article in the link below.  If you had a chance to catch me on People Passion Politics with Host Robert Patillo, we had an extensive conversation about issues people have with black hair!  Let me know what think! Source: A little thing called hair – The Divisive Nature of Black Hair  Peace P.

My first official post of the new year!!!!  I’m so excited!!  Well, let’s jump right in! For about a month and a half, I’ve been taking the Manechoice Manetabolism Plus Vitamins.  Not only are they hair vitamins, but they are a full blown multivitamin!!  You get the best of both worlds with these pills.   I wanted to try the vitamins and track my hair growth to see how well they worked in comparison to other vitamins that I have tried in the past.    So far, I am please and you will see why shortly. What sold me on purchasing this company’s vitamins versus others was that the is a Black Female-owned company!!  Take a look at my hair history, beginning length, and my 1 month update in the video below!  Under the video are side-by-side pics to show you the growth.  Tell me what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOaoua5YuNs

Afternoon friends!! Just wanted to share my latest video with you all!!  I’ve been rocking curls lately and they have garnered many questions.  I decided to shoot my first video of the year featuring a style that you will see quite often from me: perm rod curls.  These curls are fairly simple to achieve, are not very time consuming to do, and last a week or more!! If you have any product questions feel free to drop them below or comment on my video!! Happy Curling Ladies!!