Hello Good People! So I finally have the time to write about the World Natural Hair Show! My friend and I had such a great time. We bought a few goodies, took a few pictures, and had a good time! We even ran into one of our favorite bloggers! Although I did not spend a lot of money (thankfully), I did pick up a couple of items that I love and of course got some new ones too! I have products from Shea Radiance, Obia Natural Hair Care, Reciprocitee, Shea Moisture, and many samples! All of the items are hair products, with the exception of the Shea Moisture. This products was a body butter that I am in love with!!! I purchased it after deciding that the Jane Carter Nourish and Shine Butter was just out of my budget (about $21 a jar, but it is pure goodness). They only…