I’ve come to realize that for many people, keeping up with today’s fashions standard or standard for beauty/body is almost impossible!!  You must be deathly skinny or tall…. or long-haired, or whatever.  Unfortunately, I’m just barely make the “cut”, only because my hair is long.  Yet, because its natural and hardly ever straight, I am usually lumped back at square one!  I’m short (5’2.5″, and you will give me my 1/2 inch lol) and I am considered plus-sized/thick/curvy (my personal preference). And to add to my lovely list,  I got pregnant in 2015, which I was more than happy about.  I’ll put my stats at the bottom to give you an idea of my shape and size. Be nice…I don’t share this info with anyone, and it took 12 years to share it with my husband, and we’ve been married for 8! So, pre-pregnancy, I can honestly say I had body…