Marley Twists


Thats right folks! This bottom heavy, natural-hair woman before you is training for a 5K!! Its call the Fire Fly Run. It takes place Saturday night, October 5, 2013. Two things you should know about me before you ask questions: 1. I never done this before. 2. I also am not a runner. As in… I. DONT. RUN. EVER! Nonetheless, I am very excited to do it! This is the end of week one for me. I train 3 days a week with the app C25K from Zen Labs. The other days, I’m usually in a Zumba class. I am supposed to be adding some strength training for endurance this coming week, but I really have no clue what I am doing! Thank God for friends who are personal trainers and such because they are helping me plan a strength training routine. Once I have it I’ll gladly post it.…