Loop Salon


I’m a firm believer that everyone goes through a period of boredom with their hair.  I’ve been bored for well over a year!  I had been toying with the idea of coloring my hair, but because we got pregnant, I was told that I should wait if I was worried about breathing in too many chemicals.  And so, I waited…an extra 9 months!!! Once my son was born, I thought nothing of coloring my hair.  I just wanted to sleep at night and keep my hair out of his face.  So for the most part, since he’s been born, it’s been up and out of the way, be it styled or uncouth lol! Looking through instagram a couple weeks ago, my stylist Codie of Loop Salon posted a pic requesting a hair model!  Loop Salon holds classes for their stylists to keep them fresh and educated on all things hair…