I’m a firm believer that everyone goes through a period of boredom with their hair.  I’ve been bored for well over a year!  I had been toying with the idea of coloring my hair, but because we got pregnant, I was told that I should wait if I was worried about breathing in too many chemicals.  And so, I waited…an extra 9 months!!!

Once my son was born, I thought nothing of coloring my hair.  I just wanted to sleep at night and keep my hair out of his face.  So for the most part, since he’s been born, it’s been up and out of the way, be it styled or uncouth lol!

Looking through instagram a couple weeks ago, my stylist Codie of Loop Salon posted a pic requesting a hair model!  Loop Salon holds classes for their stylists to keep them fresh and educated on all things hair and sometimes they ask for a model! They want people for cuts, colors, silk presses, etc.  This time they wanted someone for a color!  So, I figured I’d submit my name, especially since 1) I’m a regular at the salon and 2) she already knows my hair!  To my surprise (because I never win or get picked for anything), she chose me!!!!  I sent her some photos of my hair, possible looks, and went in on June 15!

The lovely ladies of Loop had 2 models, 1 for each side of the salon, for their Color Corrective Class. They learned about our hair and learned how to fix our color issues!  I used a simple box color (Shea Moisture – Bright Auburn) about a year ago, and the other woman had been coloring her hair with a black box color for over 16yrs! Both of us were naturally curly women with heads full of hair, so needless to say, they had their work cut out for them!

They bleached us and mixed colors that would accentuate our beauty!

She went red.


I went blue and teal green.



What do you think?
 Want to know more about Loop Salon? Check out their website or visit them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat!

This post was not sponsored the business mentioned, but nevertheless, all opinions are my own!

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