Hey y’all!! I know I haven’t posted in a month but this 5k training has been kicking my butt with all the running and weight lifting.  It makes me very tired, sore, and SLIM!! WHAT WHAT!!!  This make me happy and keeps me going!  There have been many tears shed on this journey to a 5k, but I’m learning that with lots of prayer and self-confidence I really can do any thing!

In my previous post, I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do with my hair, but now I’ve got it all figured out!  I wear my hair in big twists in a pony tail, tied down with a scarf!  This way there is no detangling involved.  I still only wash my hair once a week! Wooo hooo!!

So here are the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the past 7 weeks.

1. Wear a scarf/head tie/bandana.  I say this because 1 – I no longer get sweat in my eyes (who knew!),  2 – My edges look really good once dried, and 3 – I seriously no longer get sweat in my eyes…. I can’t keep trying to wipe my forehead and eyes every 5 min!  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

2.  Use the RIGHT headphones.  You know, ones that stay IN your ears.  My ear buds are great…just not for running.  So after having them fall out several times during my first run, I took my hubby’s over-the-head studio headphones.  They are noise canceling, give great sound, and they DON’T fall off! Winning!

3.  Believe in yourself.  I noticed that I ran better when I prayed first and motivated myself before and during the run. Heck, I even congratulate myself after the run!  God already knows that I can do it.  If I believe that I can do it, then I become unstoppable!  So yes, toot your own horn when you do a great job because not everybody else may not!

4. DO NOT compare yourself to others.  I took my hubby running with me and I realized that I was not running….He was at this hop/trot/skip thing and I was running for my life!  My fast was CLEARLY not his fast.  I’m over there dying and he ain’t even broke a sweat!  So I realized, my running is not the same as anyone else’s unless I have a twin!

I have one more week of training and then my run is Saturday night, Oct. 5!!  Wish me luck!!!

Me in my workout clothes!!!

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