Thats right folks!  This bottom heavy, natural-hair woman before you is training for a 5K!!  Its call the Fire Fly Run.  It takes place Saturday night, October 5, 2013.  Two things you should know about me before you ask questions:  1. I never done this before.  2. I also am not a runner. As in… I. DONT. RUN. EVER!  Nonetheless, I am very excited to do it!

This is the end of week one for me.  I train 3 days a week with the app C25K from Zen Labs.  The other days, I’m usually in a Zumba class.  I am supposed to be adding some strength training for endurance this coming week, but I really have no clue what I am doing!  Thank God for friends who are personal trainers and such because they are helping me plan a strength training routine.  Once I have it I’ll gladly post it. I’ll make a 5K Tab so that you can see my daily plan.

So here are 3 things I learned in this first real week of running (I really think I’m jogging though. Meh).

1.  Running is HARD. Period.  I’m out of breath, my legs hurt, though mainly my calves. And all I’m wondering is, “Am I done yet?” Or I asking myself why I chose to do this!  When I start feeling like this, I simply push and pray.  I want to do this run. I mean who doesn’t wanna run with glow stick at night!?

2.  Use a Sport Armband.  No one can run holding a cell phone or mp3 player.  That’s just dumb! But also boobs and a sports bra don’t make a good holster either.  My phone got all sweaty and stuff…eek!  And most women’s workout pants don’t have pockets either, so we lose.  And therefore I bought an armband.

3.  Marley Twist are NOT the biz.  Marley twists have been my go-to protective style this summer. As cute as they are, they are not the best for working out in general, much less running.   If I can feel my scalp moving around when run or Zumba because of a bun or ponytail (be it high or low)…that’s too much!  I don’t care what anyone tells you, them joints are heavy especially in a bun.  And they are hot on your neck/back if left down!  So….I took them out!  I’ll figure something else out!

1 week down…7 more to go!  Wish me luck!

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