It was more than exhilarating to run the Fire Fly 5K, it was literally like a dream come true!  After training for the past 8 weeks, I could finally see the fruits of my labor!  I’m pretty sure I’ve never done anything more difficult than running in general, but I loved every minute of it!  The biggest thing that I took away from this 5K was a very simple notion: I CAN do it!
There is something to be said about anyone that accomplishes a goal that they have set for themselves.  It creates this amazing feeling of self-worth and a healthy feeling of pride.  As determined as I can be about certain things in my life, I suck at setting and achieving goals.  I can say I’ll do something and do it, but when you add a time line to it I’m like, “Welp…..”  This is probably the first time I set a rather difficult goal and did everything I could to reach it!  As much as I didn’t want to train for the race, I would get up, some mornings before church (prime sleeping hours btw), and run!  This is what REAL people call dedication and I can honestly say I know more about it now than I ever did!
SO….expect to see me running this particular 5K next year, but this I’ll be running the whole thing, minus the 2 monstrous, almost vertical hills….super side eye  (-_^)!   I had such a good time and some of my close friends can to cheer me on!   
Btw, Atlanta is beautiful at night especially from Piedmont Park…
….and here is the epic picture I took after I finished!
Yay Me!!

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