*Happy New Year Peeps!!!  Welcome to 2012!  This will be my first post of the new year and I’m excited to say it is about my hair!!!*

I have no clue how many hairs I have on my head but I know I have a lot!!!   And boy!!! It can be tough to manage.  (not including the face that my head is somewhat large, at least to me and my husband…)

This time around, I wanted to share  a little of my “Natural” History with you guys.  I get many questions about my hair from all walks of life and I figure, “Hey, if I finally write it down, I may not get as many questions….” *side eye to this entire statement!*  My hair has gone through many stages, mostly back and forth between braids, relaxers, and being natural.  So when you see these old pictures of me…try not to laugh too hard… I gotta keep some of the pride that I have found over the years! : )

I guess I have to start at the beginning.  I have had a lot of hair since birth and I mean that very literally!!!  See!! ————>

Birth through age 5, my hair was in its natural state of kinky and curly. I’m sure it was tough to manage because it is hard to manage now!  But I believe it was about about age 5 when I got my first relaxer.  Little did I know what issues I would incur as a child.  When I got the chicken pox as a at about 6, the hair around my edges completely broke off and to this day, have never really grown back.  I have thin curly hair along my edges, but my hairline also grows pretty much into my eyebrows….soo…..yea.  Anywho…. on top of have the relaxers and chicken pox, at about age 7 my little sister and I started wearing our hair in braids.  I wore braids from age 7 to about age 12.  In between that time, the braids were also causing my hair to break off and thin, so my mother grew my relaxer out when I was about 10 years old.  This is when pressing came into play. From ages 10 – 14, I had by hair pressed with the old school hot comb. (-_-)  Now for those who may not know the hot comb or pressing comb was one that you had to put on the stove, press it on a wet towel to cool it off, the run it through the hair in small sections.  This screwed horribly with my ends and more breakage continued, though not a bad as before.

And finally, at age 15, freshman year,  I had my hair permed again before I started school so I would not look like this ———->

All in all, my hair has been through some “thangs” for the first 15 years or so of my like before I made any real changes.   So from 9th through 12 grade hair was relaxed.  I had gotten highlights that were like deep red somewhere in the middle of those 4 years, but my hair didn’t suffer too much.  I like cutting my hair but not too short. I kept it long and in layers most of the time. Then later I got bangs.  Got braids probably twice, but I did them myself both times.  High school was much easier with the relaxer.  But it was towards the end of high school when I started thinking about going natural.

Stay tuned!!! Part 2 coming shortly! I didn’t wanna give you too much info at once!!  So to tide you over, here are some more embarrassing childhood photos of me… _O_/  *I don’t know why I’m sharing these*

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